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What Impact Do Fires Have On Commercial Roofs?

Fire embers are responsible for most wildfire damage to commercial roofing systems. They are also the reason that causes most fires to start. Cal Fire reports more than 1.6 million acres of burned land and over 7,000 fires due to spread of embers

What are Fire Embers?

An ember is a tiny, glowing piece made from superheated coal, wood, or any other material that has been ignited by fire. Because they are light, they can be transported far from their origin. Another fire can be lit if embers touch dried grass, leaves, or other flammable material. This can lead to additional damage from the newly lit fire.

What effect do Fire Embers Have on Commercial Roofs?

A roof is the most vulnerable component of a building because it has a large flat rectangular surface and will catch many things falling from the sky. If fire embers due land on a roof, the heat from the embers could cause the roof material to melt or puncture. Furthermore, ash buildup on roofs can lead to blocked drains or blocked water paths, which could cause water to pool on the top. These issues could lead to leaks and future damage.

How Far Can Fire Embers Travel?

The Rural Fire Service states that extreme or catastrophic fires can blow thousands of embers anywhere from 3 to 6 miles farther than the actual fire.

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