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Do you have a leak emergency?

Our service department is here to help.

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  1. You request a leak repair by filling out our leak repair form or calling us at (916) 481-6293. 

  2. A Work Order is generated where you detail the problem, the specific area of the roof leak, the onsite contact of the building and how our technician should access the roof.

  3. Our repair technician is scheduled within 24 hours and you are notified via email of your scheduled appointment.

  4. Our technician is dispatched and notifies you via email that they are on their way the day of.

  5. Our technician checks in with you (or the onsite contact) and is shown where the leak is coming from.

  6. An interior examination is completed to see where leaks are coming from. 

  7. An exterior assessment of the roof surface is done.

  8. Repairs are performed.

  9. Our technician checks out with you (or the onsite contact). 

  10. An invoice is sent, including a photo essay of before and after photos and an explanation of work performed.

  11. If any additional work is recommended, an estimator will follow-up with a proposal and estimate on the recommended repairs.

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