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Need the condition of your roof assessed?

We provide complimentary inspections and roof reports.

Complimentary Inspections
  1. You request a project bid or a complimentary inspection by filling out our inspection request form or emailing us at

  2. We assign you to one of our estimators based on previous work complete, type of work and location.

  3. Our estimator is scheduled within 48 hours and you are notified via email of your scheduled appointment.

  4. Our estimator is dispatched and notifies you via email that they are on their way.

  5. Our estimator checks in with you (or the onsite contact) and is shown how to access the roof.

  6. An exterior assessment of the roof surface is done.

  7. The estimator puts together a proposal of the recommended repairs with a photo essay of a general roof report. 

  8. This proposal is sent via email with one week of visiting the roof.

  9. You are asked to approve the work via email to notify the estimator and get your roof installation on our schedule.

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